Regardless of the size of the business or home, everyone is at risk of crimes. Most people never think of it until it is too late. Do not wait for the worst when the solution is simple.

CCTV is used for the surveillance of commercial and domestic properties. It helps you to protect the loved ones as well as valuable possessions. It prevents crimes and act in the event of a crime. The price of CCTV has been reduced greatly over the last few years making it very affordable.

Electec Solutions Ltd specialises in CCTV for domestic, commercial and industrial premises. Our CCTV installation packages are bespoke for each client as no property or security is ever the same.

Our solution allows you to remotely monitor your property 24/7 and send data over the Internet to your PC or smart phone/tablet. You can control the view and the direction of each camera on the system remotely.

Features include:

  • HD Quality
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Real time View
  • Playback function
  • Live Audio/Video recording
  • Remotely View/Playback
  • Apps for Apple, Android, and many more


Using real-time recording can significantly improve customer service, security and efficiency of the business as well as provide a peace of mind for its owner.

Contact us for a no obligation quote or new system installation today. Our specialist will be happy to help with a solution tailored to your needs.